FILM SAMPLE/summer 2017



Leah learns at a young age that love comes at a cost. After running away from home at fourteen, she’s recruited into a teen sex trafficking ring by her predatory neighbor. Leah hits bottom when her friend Bridget is murdered at the hands of a “John.” She must reach deep to build Bridget's Dream, a nonprofit that protects exploited girls. Her story is featured on Katie Couric, Oprah Winfrey and BET TV News. Leah radically challenges our misconception of sex-trafficking survivors being permanently broken and limited by their trauma. Witness her resilience and profuse humanity s an artist, intellectual, sister, and advocate. This is what happens when you love on a survivor.

Leah is one of three Bay Area survivors who radically challenges the stereotype of trafficking victims being permanently broken by their trauma. Still I Rise explores the individual resilience, struggles and achievements of Leah, Regina and Araceli. The trio shine a relatable, humane light on human trafficking in America, why it disproportionately impacts black girls and women, and champion survivors' contributions to the anti-trafficking movement and beyond.


Our film team includes: director Sheri Shuster, editor/composer James Grisom, four-time Academy Award winner Mark Berger, Emmy Award winner Layda Negrete, editor Maureen Gosling, USC Assistant Professor of Cinema Practice, DJ Johnson, and UC Berkeley Professor Dr. Nikki Jones. We are passionate people who leverage our creativity and convictions to tell a powerful story, and tell it with love.



Bay Area Police Sex Trafficking Case