An undercover cop, a resilient survivor, and celebrity-activists fight for justice for African American girls and women impacted by sex trafficking. 

Still I Rise connects the anti-trafficking movement and it’s future success with #MeToo, #SayHerName, Movement for Black Lives, and Times Up, by virtue of their interdependence as human rights struggles in America.


Follow the extraordinary everyday lives of Leah, a survivor turned activist, and Holly, an undercover cop turned scholar. Their incredible transformations highlight the complexities the double penalty of being black and female have on vulnerability to sexual exploitation and their resilience to fight for a better world for black girls and women in America.

Still I Rise explores modern day sex trafficking as part of a continuum of oppression that began with the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Interviews with prominent scholars and activists, such as Professor Kimberle Crenshaw, Holly Joshi and Dr. Nikki Jones, provide critical historical and social context to commercial sexual exploitation and the disproportionate impact on black communities throughout the United States.



Bay Area Police Sex Trafficking Case