Ignoring the relationship between

racism + sexual exploitation

perpetuates child sex trafficking.



Araceli is a twenty-year-old mom who grew up in foster homes. Leah is a San Francisco native and human rights advocate in her thirties. Regina is an Oakland based artist and playwright in her fifties. All three women were sexually exploited in their youth. Their lives challenge the stereotypes of trafficking victims being permanently broken and limited by their trauma. Still I Rise intimately explores their individual resilience and achievements at different stages of life. The trio shines a powerful light on sex trafficking in America, why it disproportionately impacts black and brown girls, and how survivors make lasting contributions to the anti-trafficking movement.


Our film team includes: director Sheri Shuster, editor/composer James Grisom, four-time Academy Award winner Mark Berger, Emmy Award winner Layda Negrete, editor Maureen Gosling, USC Assistant Professor of Cinema Practice, DJ Johnson, and UC Berkeley Professor Dr. Nikki Jones. We are passionate people who leverage our creativity and convictions to tell a powerful story, and tell it with love.



Bay Area Police Sex Trafficking Case